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Led by two Enrolled Agents (EA). You might ask, “What is an Enrolled Agent?” Don’t worry, we get that a lot. An EA is a tax expert, specifically versed in the implementation of tax laws and codes. An Enrolled Agent’s License holds the distinct honor of being the only license issued by the Internal Revenue Service, and we are required to focus our continuing education on the ever-changing tax laws. BVT has you covered, whether you’re seeking services for Individuals, Business Entities, Trusts/Estates, or even a Gift Tax return. And, because we’re EAs, we can also act as your elected representative in communications with the IRS and/or any U.S. state taxing agencies.

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Tax Planning is always important, but some years are a bigger deal that others. If major changes are expected, then there’s no better time to check in with us. We absolutely hate it when we have to be the bearers of bad news, but planning ahead by running scenarios with us can definitely help soften the blow when it comes to negative tax change. If it’s a positive tax change, and you’d like to see it in your paycheck, then we can help you make changes without leaving your comfort zone. A good rule of thumb is to get in touch with us if you have foreseeable changes coming. i.e. Marriage/Divorce, having kids/kids leaving home, buying or selling property, changes in income, etc. Or, you may be someone who is just tired of owing money year-after-year. Either way, we can help you find your way to where you want to be. We’re available all year long to help you plan for the current and upcoming year. 

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From minimal to full service, we offer a range of services and will tailor a package to your company’s needs. 

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